Allison Pilling








Allison Pilling (nee Mapstone) is a South African born artist who grew up on a farm in Kwazulu Natal and went to school in Pietermaritzburg. Her love of art was evident from a young age and she has been successfully painting and selling her art for almost 30 years.

Allison has always had an internal desire to paint and having tried most mediums enjoys the flexibility of oil painting. Allison takes reference from the old masters and continually strives to enhance her art through study, tuition and interaction with other artists.

Her goal is to become a prominent artist, creating art that is a store of personal and financial wealth that can be passed onto future generations.

She currently lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two sons.

Artists Statement :

“Simply put I love painting, it touches my soul, challenges me, and gives me such pleasure.”