IMG_20160214_105644Mercia Kriel

MerciCOLLECT, founded by Mercia Kriel who grew up as the daughter of an art dealer in Mpumalanga, befriending well-known South African artists and visiting art exhibitions from a very young age. Mercia studied Visual Studies at the University of Pretoria with Art History and Visual Communication as majors. Her passion is promoting art as a means of investment as well exploring the possibilities that artwork hold in conveying social and political messages. But above all, promoting art that provides pleasure to the eyes and soul of the art enthusiast! MerciCOLLECT is your perfect investment in an aesthetic lifestyle.

MerciCOLLECT consists of two interlinked facets:

MerciART as a platform for promoting both upcoming and established South African artists and making artwork available to both private and corporate buyers and galleries.

MerciLIVING as a home décor and interior service, decorating the living space of the art-buyer to accentuate the artwork to its upmost potential as well as refurbishing the look and style of a home.