Talita Steyn

“I make art partly because it is something I have just always done, like having a stretch or automatically switching on the kettle first thing in the morning. I also make art as a way to express things that are hard to put into words and that I often feel shouldn’t be put into words.

My inspiration usually comes from moments or thoughts that fill me with an immediate sense of beauty and nostalgia, and the need to try and capture something of that experience in a visual form, the same way we try to hold onto a dream to tell someone as quickly as possible, while we feel it evaporating into a lost memory. This often leads to a serious case of being lost in translation, but the need to try is ever present when inspiration strikes.

My art has never dealt with big issues like politics or human rights, but rather comes from a place I still struggle to understand myself, dealing more with what it’s like to have a human experience of life and the things in it that puzzles, mystifies and awes me.

My art usually takes a figurative form and up until recently my medium of choice has been oil painting. Sculpture is a new medium to me and one I would like to explore further into the future.”